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My sound has disappeared

cma1 asked
I have a Dell system with WIN98SE. There are no problems indicated in the Device Manager.
    When I try to play a .wav file, there is no sound, though the speakers are plugged in and on.
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Sounds like you may need to assiciate a player with this type of file. If using Windows Media Player, click while in WMP:

<Tools, Options, Formats>.

Put a check in the box before "Audio File".

For Real Player it's a bit different. You can check the "Re-associate" tab under Media Types that can be found by clicking while RealPlayer is open:

<View, Preferences, Upgrade>

Let us know if this doesn't work.


Incidentally, I never got an email notification of the answer. Has EE stopped the email notifications?
    I don't have RP or Windows Media Player on the computer. They have never worked, so I have had to remove them.
     But I had sound before I downloaded either of them.

Email notifs are currently off, so you'll have to keep monitoring this question for input from Experts.

You could have sound, but not be able to play the wav. files without a program for them. I truly dislike the Real software, so I use WMP for most of my sound needs. Download it again, but before installing it, disable all running programs except Explorer and Systray (<Ctrl,Alt,Delete> and End Task on all but the two programs- this will take repeating of these step several times to get everything closed).


So you are saying that sound is unavailable on a computer if you don't have a program like WMP?


I downloaded WMP 7.1 and it did not help in the leeast.
 I will uninstall it if you think that is the next step.

OK, let's get back to basics, then. I thought that you were only having problems with WAV files.

What model Dell system is this?

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the sound card?

Are the speakers plugged into the Green colored jack on the computer?

If this is an add-on card, what make and model of sound card are you using?

When you removed WMP and Real, did you do it through the Control Panel with "Add/Remove Programs"?


This is a Dell 233 Mhz computer.
 I I don't know how to to reinstall the drivers.
Go to this site. You'll have to select your Dell model, and download the driver for your sound card.


Depending on the model system you have, this may be an executable file, or you may have to manually in stall the driver. If the latter:

In Device Manager, select your sound card, and click "Update Driver". Point it to the downloaded file.

Without the information I have asked for (system model number and sound card make and model) this is the best I can do at the moment.


I find it too hard to find my questions on EE now that there is no more email notification.

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