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Netscape system-wide defaults

glebspy asked
I wish to configure netscape so that when the user brings up
a browser for the first time, he is taken to a page of my choice, and not to /home.netscape.com/ .

How can I do this cleanly?

Thank you
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write a script named netscape which checks for user's
If it not exists copy it from you default location.
The key to change in preferences.js is:
user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "http://what.you.like/");
please explain clearly your problem

you mean what u have serveral users and u want them
whole the time they start up the netscape it will bring your page
or page for you select ??

or you want just when you start your netscape and you are the user
will go to your page what u select ??

what exactly you want

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