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Crashes and Reboots on it's own

abmacrobie asked
I'm finding that my computer is shutting down on it's own (totally), without any notice.  I'm running Win 2K Pro as the only operating system.  This just started a few days ago and is becoming more frequent.  I have run both Norton AV 2000 and InoculateIT, and found no Virus activity, I also have completely defraged all my partitions and run scandisk as well.  If there is anyone who might be able to help me with this problem please let me know.  I appreciate all efforts by everyone, thanks.
B.M. <bmacrobie@hotmail.com>
To jhance I am not overclocking, nor am I running RAM at an excessive rated speed, but as I posted earlier I rebooted through F8 " best known configuration and that seems to have cleared up the problem at least temporarily?!
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The #1 cause of this type of problem is BAD RAM.  Are you overclocking?  Stop until you resolve this.  Are you running your RAM at more than its rated speed?  Also, stop until you are positive it's not the cause.

You could also just have a defective RAM module.  Swap 'em out and see if you can clear this up.
abmacrobie  ---->  You've asked 18 questions at this site and only closed 10 of them, this is unacceptable.   Some are over one year old.  

I will be updating ALL your open questions and ask that you return to them and update/finalize them.  If you need my help to split points among experts, or take other actions on your behalf, just comment with details and I'll respond.  If they remain inactive and unresolved in one week, we will need to decide their outcome and take additional actions.

Your response here is needed and appreciated.

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