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Lotus Screen Cam...How to eliminate the Splash Screens at start and end?

rbend asked
How do I get rid of the splash screens at the start and end of the Lotus Screen Cam program?
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Do you mean on the files it produces or do you mean the Screen Cam program itself?


When I produce a ScreenCam presentation, upon replaying it I get the ScreenCam splash screen (I call it an adveertisement) at the beginning and end of my presentation.
Since I paid for the program, I don't see why I should have to advertise their software each time my presentation runs.


I found out the answer myself.
You put a /S on the command line.

so now you should close this question. You can do this by either asking community support
or reduce the points to 0 and accept a comment as an answer (maybe even your own ? don't know if this is possible).
I have refunded your points for this question, since you found your own solution and will close it as a zero point question and move it to the PAQ.

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