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Why is that certain characters don't respond with DOS with a laptop?

freesky asked
Hello all!

I hope one of you can help because I am in &#~" sh-t!

I am in Mali, Africa, taching Malians about computers. I work with a laptop and I just installed Norton Internet Security 2001 this morning and set it to scan for virus at each startup.  

The people I work with restarted the computer this afternoon and Norton found a virus in C:\WINDOWS\EXLORER.EXE  They tried to repair it, didn't work and Norton would not let them continue with that virus it found.  They put it on Quanrantine.

Obviously, Windows 95 cannot start and tells me to reinstall it.

I try to boot with a boot disk to copy the Explorer to its original place to at least access Windows once to save the files (no backup exist right now) and reinstall Windows completely.

The problem is the portable.  I use an AZERTY keyboard, the numbers work only with SHIFT, so ASCII table is hard to use. (Impossible to do this character ~ for example under DOS cd progra~1)In fact, all the third charaters on a key (that require CTRL + ALT) seem not to work on the DOS.

Is there any way to use ASCII on a laptop under DOS?  Why is that certain characters don't respond with DOS with a laptop?

Thanks in advance for your advices,
Have a nice day,
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If you are able to get into the BIOS setup (if you don't know the key to press at bootup to enter setup, and it's not shown on the startup screen, post the make of the laptop, and we can search for the correct key) try changing the keyboard setting to an external keyboard, and use a standard keyboard.


Thanks for your answer, jlauster! Have a nice day!

Glad I could help.

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