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dreamweaver 4 jump menu

linque asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-10
I want to make the jump menu so that the items selected open a new browser window when the GO button is pushed.  Currently, I seem to have no other option than "main window".  The page i'm working on has no frames.  I just don't want the original page to close.  

Is someone out there who can tell me what html I need to insert, and WHERE, in the dreamweaver insert jump menu with a go button..????

thank you!

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The following script will open new window by placing the script on the new HTML page:
<!-- This script has been in the http://www.javascripts.com Javascript Public Library! -->
<!-- Note that though this material may have been in a public depository, certain author copyright restrictions may apply. -->
<title>Will visit link when mouse cursor moves over banner!</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<SCRIPT Language='JavaScript'>
function winopen () {
msg.location = "http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=19187551&siteid=26658739&bfpage=vgamespacpage5"

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#FFFFFF" vlink="#FFFFFF" alink="#FFFFFF">
<div align="center">
  <p>Just move mouse over banner</p>
  <p><a href="" onMouseOver="winopen(); return true;"><img border="0" width="88" height="31"></a></p>
  <p>&nbsp; </p>
  <p>&nbsp; </p>
<!-- Simba says Roar. -->


Hi MrBillisMe
Thank you so much for your response.  Yes, certainly that script is opening a new window, most proficiently, however my need is for a *FORM* ...  the jump/menu type form offered in Dreamweaver, and i'm sure in other programs.  It provides code like this.. (I have one form before this one so hence this one is named form2)

<form name="form2">
        <select name="menu1" onChange="MM_jumpMenu('parent',this,1)">
          <option value="http://www.example1.com" selected>example1</option>
          <option value="http://www.example2.com">example2</option>
        <input type="button" name="Button2" value="Go" onClick="MM_jumpMenuGo('menu1','parent',1)">

I've tried changing the word parent to _blank, but I'm not certain I did that accurately, or where it should be done. Since I have a whole list (about 20) urls I need to list, the form is rather essential in this case, that is, unless someone has a better idea than the form.
If you want to open a new window... _blank is not what I would use...I would use _new...

I have not been using Dreamweaver since version 2 so I cannot really help you with that...

Also what I would like to see is the functions that DreamWeaver uses MM_jumpMenu and MM_jumpMenuGo

They are the likely ones to make the page change....

The easiest way to make a jump menu like you have though...is to use something like this:

<select name="menu1" onChange="window.open(this[this.selectedIndex].value,'windowname','width=500,height=400,scrollbars=1')">
<option value="http://www.example1.com" selected>example1</option>
         <option value="http://www.example2.com">example2</option>

Which is...without the help of any dreamweaver menu...height and width and name of the window can be changed obviously...



Wow... worked! THanks so much DreamMaster!

I'm in such awe of those who can even BE in a position not to have "looked at dreamweaver since version 2".. and yet effortlessly provide code like that....  

oh well.......  i'll just dream(weaver) on.......

thanks again.. linque

and thank u again to mrbillisme for excellent info..just not precisely what i was needing..  

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