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To add scheduled task in wizard installation script

kamil11 asked
Hi, I am doing an installation wizard for my application. I need to run a script which needs to be scheduled in Scheduled Taks in Control Panel. Currently what I did was I will run my script manually. I wish to run the script in the installation wizard script. I am using a Wise Installer to do the installation. What needs to be set up in order to make it run automatically in Wise Installer. Is anybody knows about Wise Installer, is it possible to do as what I wanted in the Wise Installer.

I'll be grateful if somebody can give me some ideas on how to do it.

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You can use the "at" dos command to install the script into the scheduled tasks.  For instance: system("at 10:00 /every:monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday c:\\myprogram.exe").  If your program uses MFC at all, make sure you include the /interactive switch.  Of course this only works on NT/2000/XP, but I assumed you knew that judging by the fact that it has a scheduled task section in Control Panel.  I hope this helps you.


thanks for the help

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