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How to force Win 2000 Pro to install in a specific directory?

kernrsn asked
How to force Win 2000 Pro to install in a specific directory?  I never get a question as to where I want to install the OS.  I've tried to reinstall W2K Pro in my Windows directory and it keeps going to a clean install in WINNT.  How do I make an upgrade installation instead of clean and force it to go to WINDOWS or some other directory or drive?  How do you run the upgrade booting from the CD and picking the directory?
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The only way i've seen to do this, is to insert the Win2K CD into your drive AFTER you have booted into your current installation of windows. Then, when you run the setup program to install win2k, you should be able to specify "let me choose installation directory" under an advanced options menu when going through the setup.

when booting from the Win2K CD to do your install, I do not think it is possible to specify the directory you want.

To do an upgrade, you have to start your previous OS and to run winnt32, as dredge already stated.
You can do an upgrade booting from CD, but in this case you have to be familiar with Unattended Setup and you need an appropriate winnt.sif (that's the answer file).


How do you use the winnt.sif?  When you use the winnt.sif can you specify to upgrade and/or specify the directory?  For instance if you are restoring a crashed W2K Pro system that was running in C:\WINDOWS directory to restore from backup you need to put it back in C:\WINDOWS.  The other case is running an upgrade on a Windows 98 machine that isn't running stable and you want to upgrade to W2K.
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I would copy the I386 directory locally, or use a boot floppy to access the CD, and run
winnt  ( not winnt32 !! )from the i386 directory.
Make sure smartdrv.exe and himem.sys are loaded !

I hope this helps !



What is the difference from winnt.exe or winnt32.exe?  Does one upgrade and the other clean install?  Will I get an option to choose a directory?



I just tried both WINNT.EXE and it accomplishes the same thing as booting from the CD.  You get a menu with Repair, Setup or Quit.  No options for upgrade or picking a directory to install to.

WINNT32.EXE needs to be run from Windows.

How do you select an install directory?


Thanks DREDGE, I guess your answer is as close as any posted.  I did find out more though and will share.  

It seems as though you are correct in getting the system to upgrade you need to boot from a Windows operating system.  To create a different install directory you need to create a simple WINNT.SIF file and have in the floppy when setup starts.  The file created in notepad has these lines in it:

TargetPath=OLDWINDIR <-Match the original folder name.

msdosinitiated =0



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