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There Isn't Enough Disk Space or Memory Error

dvale asked
I get the following error when I run a append query

"There isn't enough disk space or memory to undo the data changes this action query is about to make."

I have increased the MaxLocksPerFile setting in the registry and changed the UseTransaction property to "No" as suggested on the Microsoft support site but the error remains.

Is there anything else I can do to remove this error message??
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Append less data, do it in chunks instead of all at once.
I am not sure why this message is of concern to you unless it is an unwanted message appearing in the middle of a user running an application.  If so, you can rid of pretty much all these kinds of messages by going to Tools/Options and then click on the Edit/Find tab.  Uncheck everything in the "Confirm" frame.  Might work.  


Everything is unchecked in the "Confirm" frame and yes it does appear in the middle of an application a user is running.

when there is alrge amount of data this happens and is unavoidable. I have worked in the past 2 months with a larg data load into access and so what you can do is use a criteria on an indexed field. for ex. Autonumber field
or state field. Do the update in small blocks of data.
and this will do it..
Jim Dettman (EE MVE)President / Owner
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Also check the following:

1. You have free disk space on your C drive.
2. TMP and TEMP environment variables point to valid drives and directories.
3. If this is on a Novell server, MaxLocksPerFile must be less then your current settings in Novell or you'll still get the error.


You do not have to worry about this message. It just means you are going to append a large number of records that you wouldn't be able to undo the append if you change your mind later.

To avoid this unwelcome message, you can put your query into your VBA code. And set the system message off. Something like:

Sub YourSub()

DoCmd.SetWarnings False

DoCmd.OpenQuery "Your append query"

DoCmd.SetWarnings True

End Sub


jzz it is not what you are taklking about any way the comment has been accepted so :-X


The comment from jzz fixed the problem so he got the points

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