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W2K Self-Healing

Sylvania asked
When I erase files in some of my directories (i.e: WinNT, System32, etc.) they keep coming back to life, so, I get a duplicate copy in my recycle bin and another at the same place I've just deleted it.
I've heard this property of Windows is called "Self-Healing".
How can I disable this property temporarily, to be able to delete, let say... WinMine.exe or Pinball.exe?? :)

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Top Expert 2007

You have to uninstall them normall or see the following :

Deleting games
Delete these four files:
               "?:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball\PINBALL.EXE"

               and this folder, and the shortcuts that is in that folder:
               "?:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Games\

               As far as i know, there is no way of deleting them the "windows 9x" way.
Adding Optional Components to Add/Remove Programs Tool

During Windows 2000 Setup, the following components are installed by default:


      Accessories (Calculator, Clock, and so on)


      Accessibility options

  These items also do not appear in the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel after Setup is
  finished. This article describes how to cause these items to be displayed during Setup or in the
  Add/Remove Programs tool after Setup is finished.


  NOTE: Microsoft does not support the editing or modifying of .inf files included on the Windows
  2000 CD-ROM or distribution server. This information is provided only as a convenience and is
  not supported.

  Displaying the Items After Setup Is Finished

    1.In the %SystemRoot%\Inf folder on the system volume, use a text editor (such as
      Notepad) to open the Sysoc.inf file.

    2.Locate the "old base components" line.

    3.For each component you want to appear in the Add/Remove Programs tool, remove the
      "Hide" comment. For example, change

      to:        Games=ocgen.dll,OcEntry,games.inf,,7

    4.Also remove the "HIDE" option from the "AccessUtil=" line. If you leave this option hidden,
      then none of the other components in the "old base components" section are available in
      Add/Remove Programs.

    5.Save and then close the file.

  Displaying the Items During Setup

    1.Copy the I386 folder to a distribution share.

    2.expand the Sysoc.in_ file using the following command
          expand -r sysoc.in_

    3.Edit the Sysoc.inf file using steps 2-4 above.

    4.Rename the Sysoc.in_ file to Sysoc.bak.

I hope this helps !


I didn't ask where the exes of the games where located : I said they were impossible to delete, since W2K always restore them in 5 seconds;

I didn't want a way to uninstall games either, but a way to disable temporarily W2K Self-Healing property.

Thanks anyway.

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