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Proxy Server and Home pages

pjlush asked
What is the best and easiest way to incorporate proxy server and home page into all users in Windows 2000


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Top Expert 2007

User policies.

From: snirh   Date: 03/28/2001 12:39AM PST Group policy planning with screen shots


 Windows 2000 Group Policy White Paper

Step by Step Guide to Managing the Group Policy Feature Set

"Troubleshooting Group Policy in Windows 2000"


               Wayne's Windows NT Administration Tips

I hope this helps !


Is there a way to do it through the registry, without using a Policy?

Top Expert 2007
You could try using sysdiff and reg or regedit in batch mode.

Use sysdiff to see what registry changes are mde on the machine when you make the proxy and home pages update, thne use reg or regedit in the domain login to make the registry changes.

command line registry changes  batch file registry edit
To delete a key using Regedit, include a minus sign in front of the key path.

 Assume you had the following keys and values:





 If you wanted to delete the entire Stuff service and the Zip subkey of the ZipZap service, you would
 submit the following within a .reg file (including the proper header for your version of Regedit):




 If the file name was c:\regdel.reg, then:

 regedit /s c:\regdel.reg

 where the optional /s makes it silent.
contains REGFIND, a command-line utility with which you can search the Windows NT Registry for arbitrary data,
 key names, or value names and optionally replace any of these with new values.
Command line regedit

 usage: REGFIND [-h hivefile hiveroot | -w Win95 Directory | -m \\machinename]
                [-i n] [-o outputWidth]
                [-p RegistryKeyPath] [-z | -t DataType] [-b | -B] [-y] [-n]
                    [searchString [-r ReplacementString]]

 where: -h specifies a specify local hive to manipulate.
        -w specifies the paths to a Windows 95 system.dat and user.dat files
        -m specifies a remote Windows NT machine whose registry is to be manipulated.
        -i n specifies the display indentation multiple.  Default is 4
        -o outputWidth specifies how wide the output is to be.  By default the
           outputWidth is set to the width of the console window if standard

           output has not been redirected to a file.  In the latter case,
win2k remote registry find and search command lines options

From: tim_holman           Date: 03/09/2001 10:32AM PST
     1)  Use REGEDT32 to modify remote registries.
     2)  Use SU.EXE from the NT resource kit.  This will temporarily log you on as administrato
I hope this helps !

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