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Setting up Network Printer In HP-UX 10.x

thewing asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-06
  I am trying to set up a network printer for use by hp-ux 10.x.The problem is that I know I need JetDirect software to add this printer.Does anyone know where I can download this software or is there any workaround?

Below is what is said in the tech. docs

Adding a Network-Based Printer  

A network-based printer is connected directly to the LAN, thus is not physically connected to any system. Network printers do not use device special files.

You can use SAM to add a network-based printer that uses the HP JetDirect Network Interface. The HP JetDirect software must be installed on your system and you must be prepared to provide SAM with the printer's node name (the name associated with an Internet address) and the local name that the LP spooler will use to refer to the printer. With HP JetDirect, printers can connect directly to the network. The printer uses a LAN connection and the HP JetDirect software transmits prints requests. For more information, see HP JetDirect Network Interface Configuration Guide .

If you do not use SAM, follow the instructions shipped with your printer or the network interface card for the printer.

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hi thewing,

   You don't need to use HP's JetDirect utility for UNIX, all you need
to do is find out the IP add of the printer. if you know the IP of the printer
you do "telnet to the IP" , once you login in the JetDirect, type in:/
verify the printer settings.  (write done the host name, if you don't like to
 print banner page, disable it )

    Then you edit your /etc/hosts file, to add the printer infor to the file, just treat it as an UNIX box in your network ( you can give the printer server a good name, eg photocopy-rm, as long as you put the correct
IP in the file).
   Then you just need to use your adm tools available on your system
(eg sam) to access to a remote printer.

    Good luck


I did exactly that and it worked.Thanks ever so much

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