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Setup Apache to support CGI and PHP scripting

robert100 asked

I am new to Linux web server setup. I have the followig questions: I am using Red Hat 7.0

1. How to setup CGI support. I am using name-based virtual hosting.
2. How to setup php support for virtual hosting as well.
3. Do I need to install PERL/PHP interpreter? Where can I get them, and how to set them up?

Please give as much details as possible.

Thanks in advance


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This is quite an involved subject, don't know if the space here is enough ;)
I have an entire section on my website dealing with this issue, please go to www.linuxhelp.co.za/phpmysql.php
The page deals with installation and setup of MySQL, Apache and PHP, you can safely ignore the mysql section and begin with apache ( you have to rebuild apache, even if you already have a running verrsion :( )

I would advise you to install mysql as well, seeing that you will be building things anyway, it won't affect anything, but when you advance to the mysql step (which you will...) you'll thank yourself for going through the trouble now ( otherwise you will have to do everything over again...)
Apache/php/mysql goes hand in hand anyway, so you won't waste time, promise. I also have a small php/mysql tutorial on that page just to show you what can be done with php/mysql combo...


Thanks very much.

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