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Replacing MMC 1.2 with MMC 1.1

baigmz asked

I had originally written a snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) version 1.1, which was available as part of Windows NT Option Pack 4 and IIS4.0. I am now trying to get the snap-in functionality on Windows 2000 Advanced Server, which provides IIS5.0 with MMC 1.2 by default. For some reasons, I would like to use MMC1.1 instead of MMC.1.2 on Windows 2000. How can I "uninstall" MMC1.2 on Win2k (if possible) and have MMC1.1 as the default executable for console based management?

I tried to delete mmc.exe from d:\win2000\system32 and copy the version 1.1 mmc.exe to that location but strangely the version 1.2 mmc.exe get reinstated at that location, hence becoming the default mmc version and preventing me from using 1.1. I have independently used 1.1 on win2k and it works fine.

Please advice. Thanks in advance!
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you cannot uninstall v1.2 because it is part of the protected windows 2000 file list.

in order to replace mmc v1.2 with v1.1, you would have to turn off windows file protection - this is a very bad idea.


How can I run mmc 1.1 on Win2k then?

Whenever you change a vital executable in W2k (and MMC is considered as vital), it is replaced by a copy from DLLCache without notification.
Workaround: replace <path>\mmc.exe d:\win2000 /s

this replaces the copy in DLLCache as well and windows is asking for the CD. Now you can decide to keep your version.

But no guarantee that mmc 1.1 is working properly this way.

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