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Delphi 6 Crashing problem

niffasmiff asked
Sounds a really stupid question, but have recently installed a trial version of delphi six.

Once I had ICQ running and started delphi up... it crashed both applications, but before it did, I had a message window open, and it turned all the buttons with icons on them blank, and replaced the advert window at the bottom with 'ICQ ATE browser 1.0'

Does anyone have any info on this bug at all?
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I think most probably you ran out of system resources? ICQ has been known as a resource hog.
Jason SwebyTechnical Director

DragonSlayer is right, this isn't necessarily a Delphi 6 issue, it's system resources. I've had the "ICQ Ate browser..." message before just before Windows decided it had had enough. It is a terrible program for eating up memory, which is why I try not to run it when I am developing because by nature, your Delphi development might involve memory leaks and eventually Windows gives in. Delphi is fairly memory hungry as well, put Outlook 2000 into the equation and you have my daily, unstable operating system!

so what I did instead is to do my development in a Win2K machine instead... until now, still no probs :)

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