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Access 97 recordset locks/permission

calahanpat asked
I have built a checkbook application for our office.

We run WIN NT4.0 at work and I have domain admin priv

I have a MSAccess 97 db on \\computer1\checkbook\master.mdb

The folder is shared and all permissions are set to EVERYONE right now.

The I built a front end using MSAcess97 called CHECKBOOK.mdb that has tables that link to the DB on \\computer1\checkbook\master.mdb

The problem I have is that I can log on to any computer that has the checkbook.mdb front end and I am able to see the data, update the data on the master database. I can even have multiple instances of the front end open, no problem.

Howvever, when I give the front end to "Joe User" who has just normal priv on the domain, they get the error that the database is in use by someone else, or that they need the rights to use it!!

How do I do this....? I thougth it was a permisson problem on the NT side, but after reading some of the other questions here, I think it is a Access DB rcordset locking problem!


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It sounds like the master.mdb is set to open in exclusive mode....  Does Joe User get this error when you have it open on your machine and then he tries to open it but not when you close your copy completely?

The EVERYONE privlidges......do they have full controll on the directory.  You may need to reset the security level on the folder and check the box that says include subfolders and files.



Thanks. I did get it to work finally, but only after I logged on to Joe Users compter as me and then had him log in...weird

But you put me on the right track so here's the points

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