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For Knowledge Pro New Users\Current Users?

GUEEN asked
I just simply feel it is an atrocity for you to have paid money out and to not receive the services that you thought you would receive.
1. The search engine has not worked for 10 months.
2. Email notifications have been down for almost 7 days.
3. No new updates have been posted on the 'What's New' link to your left since August 6, 2001
4. Moderators and Administrators (as well as experts) have been left in the dark as to what has been really happening with EE.
5. JP Morgan (JPM) once invested 5M to which EE had staff such as Keith McCurdy, CEO of Experts Exchange. . .
The latest ramblings put the only two 'knowns' as Austin Miller (VP of Marketing) and Shawn Jacques (jaxman) as the code guru.  (Their telephone numbers disconnected.)

Experts, Moderators, and account Administrators who have volunteered many, many hours to this site have been let down by EE in myriad ways. We are not responsible for the lack of information at this site as we at one time believed whole-heartedly in the concept of EE.  We still do believe in the concept - but not in the type of management that has transpired here.(I should say expired . . .)

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I did not pay anything to upgrade to Knowledge Pro. I am under the free upgrade requirements of receiving 3000 points per month to stay in Knowledge Pro - if i do that, i don't have to pay.

But aside from that, I agree that EE has not been kept up the way it should be. This is typical of a .Com business, especially in the current downturn of the tech sector.

However, I still find EE to be an invaluable resource, and will continue to use it as long as it's here.


My Take on all of this:
EE made some very bad decisions and blew all the investments. So we are left with one coder (jaxman) who is only a volunteer - but he is willing to offer input - and that I can respect.  So what if he was a little late - he is no longer actually 'employed' by EE and is doing this on his own free will and volition as an ex-employee.
So -- what does all this mean?  I was wrong in regards to any negative assumptions that I made in regards to Jaxman.

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