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upgrade from notes client r4.6.3 to r5.0.7a!

kevinc8 asked
there are many clients running notes client ver4.6.3 in my office. what is the proper steps for upgrade the mail client to the lastest ver. of notes e.g. ver 5.0.7a?

What files must backup before upgrade and other notices of attention?

Thanks in advance!  
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Use Incremental Installer to upgrade from 4.6 to 5

Follow this upgrade map
Hemantha, I don't think the incremental installation will work for this. The incremental will work for within the version, but not the release.

Question Keninc8, is the server running Notes R5?  

While I can be wrong, the server and server mail files need to be migrated first, then the user pc's need to be migrated to the new installation of Notes.


This is the complete migration guide for Notes from R4 to R5

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

One important thing : you first need to upgrade to Release 4.6.5 before you can migrate to R5. You can use incremental installers if you like. You can download them from Notes.net.
Once you're at 4.6.5 you can simply perform the upgrade by installing R5 from the CD. All conversions are taken care of by the setup program.
No backups are necessary, since no databases are removed.
Best way is to perform the upgrade in the following steps :
1. upgrade servers
2. upgrade clients
3. after client upgrade, upgrade design of mail database (by replacing the design with the design of the new template)

You need to upgrade the mail databases last, because you can't read an R5 mail database with an R4 client.



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