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Red Hat Linux

dekoay asked
Hi linux Expertise,

I am just a newbie in linux. Of course able to use several commands on it but to set up I was having a hard time (for multiple OS).

My computer is a PII Intel microprocessor 233 Mhz and has a win98 and win2000 inside. Somehow or rather, I want to install Red Hat linux on this computer as well.  Actually I had install it and also cretaed a boot disk on a diskette. When I reboot my computer to boot from diskette, it seems that the diskette can boot at all. I also install LILO in MBR partition but still unable to boot my linux.

Hopefully, you expertise could share it with me or at least show me the way to install the Red Hat linux on my computer.

Yur help is much appreciated.
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What happens when you try to boot?

After installing Linux are you able to boot into Linux? How about booting up either Win2k or win98?
I do not completely understand your problem but lets see how much I have grasped.

You have a machine that had win2k and win98. Everything worked fine and then you decided to install RH Linux on the machine. You were able to successfully install linux and when you bootup you get into LInux but you are unable to go into win98 and win2k? If this is the problem then please refer to the following answer that I had sumitted to the same kinda problem that another person had


Hope this helps.

how do you install the OS (Linux), and other OS.  How was the disk layout?  Is it installed on Primary Partition or on A logical drive in Secondary partition.  How big was you disk.  How do you install lilo?  on MBR, or on Partition Header?

this is important?

Keep 98 & jug 2000 into the bin.

1 - Boot the PC with the RedHat Install CD 1 on the CD-Rom drive.
2 - Do not choice any option on the menu to install linux, just write : vmlinuz root=/dev/hdaX

Where X is the number of boot partition.


vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2

With that command you can boot your linux from the cdrom.

Sorry for the aprupt answer.
Hope you come back on thay question anyway
& I recoomend to put attention to this site: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/

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