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Any tool to Dispaly charts,statics in Domino

saleemkhan asked
hai experts,
       Is there any tool to display charts,statics in domino.i tried with excel but it not that easy.so can anybody help reg this.

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I have used a java applet to generate graphs and also found an article in the Lotus Advisor magazine which shows how to use excel to ole automate and embed charts within documents. You will need to install excel on the server for that. If you need me to send you any of these solutions then you will have to give me more points.
I am not sure if this still exists in the market.

My experience with this tool was great...


Good Luck!


hai experts,

i just download the barchartapplet class from the following url.

what i did is i just copied the html code of the applet and save it on html directory.when i execute the html file its working fine.
   the same html code when i paste it on form and passthru html the applet is not working.

any help.
 i increased points to 30.
Application Engineer
I've just sent you an email with a little sample database containing a form and the java applet.
If you need more info let me know.


P.S.: Don't worry about increasing points just yet. This type of question would normally be posted with 300 points, but I know you don't have that much question points to spare.


thank u very much.
i need the same help in future also.
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

You're welcome
if u send me the template I will be thank ful.

madheeswar at vmoksha dot com

or Saleemkhan should be able to send the template.

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

Sorry, but I switched jobs in the meantime and didn't bring the template with me.
If I remember this correctly, it wasn't too hard to implement.
I just downloaded the Java class from the site mentioned above, then added as a Java applet design element to the database.
Then I embedded the applet on a sample form that had some fields to change some parameters.
In the embedded applet properties for the values of the parameters I defined the names of the fields on the form.
Added a SaveOptions field with value "0" to prevent save of the document and added a submit button.
This submit button would make sure the form would be reloaded and so the changed results were visible in the applet.

I hope this gets you on your way.

Also the included documentation with the applet was very helpful for me to get things to work.


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