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Using Domino as a proxy

Paebdb asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18

anyone can point me to a detailed documentation how to install und configure a Domino proxy ?
So far I have not found anything, not on various websites like notes.net nor as an IBM Redbook.

Thanks !
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In the domino you want to use as "proxy" - let's call it passthru server for the technicality sake, enter the server document and in security tab, passthru usage
you have four fields there :

access this server (in passthru)
route thru
allowed to cause calling
destinations allowed

In the passthru server, set the names of prople/servers who will be allowed to passthru (keep casing and enter full hir. names). next set in the same document, destinations allowed WHERE are these users allowed to passthru. again, keep casing of that remote server name.
make sure there is a connectino document from the passthru server to the destination server.

next, in the client / server needing access to the remote server, create a new connection document of the type "passthru".
it will ask you where from (if server) and where to, and which passthru server to use.
again, keep casing.

now, in the destination server make sure that :

a. there is cross certification between the parties. (originating server / person, passthru server AND Destination Server).
b. make sure that the passthru server and oroginating server/person have access on that server.
c. in the remote server document, same security part, enter both names : passthru server and user(s) / server(s) that will go via that passthru server to the destination server.
d. make sure permissions are set for the users on the remote server.

o-violla !
tell me if it worked!

haa haa haa zvonko is desperate nowadays !


Why desperate:
the link was cheap and can bring 800 bucks :-)
You think you'll get an "A" here ?  Sorry you are an unlucky guy as I know of....

you do not know my blessing :-)
Lets see !

Hello Paebdb,

please bring this to an end.
Either reject an comment as answer or delete the whole question to refund your question points.

But please resolve it from this abandoned uncompleted state.



I wanted a detailed documentation as we had a specific problem. How to install a proxy I do know. Sorry

Thank you for the points Paebdb :-)

What are your specific problems?
Perhaps I have done something you need and can share my experience.


Well, you were right, it was overdue to close it.
I completly forgot it, also the problem we had I do not recall.
Just know we solved it :)

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