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3D Building Software?  Remodeled business

msunder asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-07
What would be a good and east to use 3D building program.

Reason is that I am planning on buying a bar.

In my business plan i need to include a design of the remodeled facility.  I will be adding walls and additional structures....I would like the 3d perspective and the ability to walk through the new design.

I have used some 3dhome software which seemed easy but did not look right.

Any ideas on software that is pretty easy to use yet has great flexibility?  

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I think if you buy any commercial 3D software(3D Studio and other software of that kind) for that it would be too much. 3D Studio VIZ is a special version of 3D Studio for archtictural use but I think even this would be to much for just being used once, except for you don't care about money. There are 'smaller' programms like this 3Dhome software you said that would/should be what you need. Or just ask a professional if he can do this for you. This professional would know what he is doing and all in all it should be cheaper tha buying a special software and learning to use it just for one time use.

I agree on MarcG:s comment that 3D-studio is overkill. Maybe U can try out AutoDESK:s Architectural Desktop. Should be easier to use, and I think it has rendering-capabilities...



THanks and sorry for late response.  Forgot all abotu this question out here.

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