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Mixed environment of MSMQ 1.3 and 2.0

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Recently upgraded our network from NT to Windows 2000 as it's backbone.  We have two stand alone servers running NT 4.0 that are currently operating under the old MSMQ PEC/Independent client relationship. I would like to setup a similar scenario that those two machines have that are running in NT, in the Windows 2000 environment.  Thus having two different environments for the MSMQ.  Can I setup a MSMQ 2.0 on the Windows 2000 domain controller, have couple Windows 2000 servers that are also running MSMQ and not interfere with my existing 1.3 environment?  All will be running on the same domain.
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-I can?t imagine that your scenario is not explicitly described in one of these white paper's... They cover upgrades, interoperability & the use of MQ bridge.
-I cannot honeslty offer any personal experience to help with your issue.


One of the MSMQ deployment modes is Mixed Mode.  Created by MS to ease the upgrade path.   Allows applications running MSMQ 1.0 to continue to operate while other applications are upgraded to MSMQ 2.0.  Included in one of the documents that you directed me to.  Thank you for your help.

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