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Locking elements in a MS Word form

daluu asked
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Last Modified: 2012-08-14
The professor I work for wants to modify an existing MS Word form and make all but the field elements (currently indicated by "___", etc.) uneditable or locked. He wants the user to be able to fill in the form without changing the form's initial layout/appearance. He also wants the form to be saveable so the user can email back the form or print out the form & send it to him. A copy of the initial form is at http://mail.engr.sjsu.edu/~dluhoo/ee/mswordform.doc. Is there a way to satisfy the professor's request.

I personally would prefer Adobe Acrobat but he doesn't like web forms. so, I can't use Acrobat based on his requests.
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Yes - just go to Tools
Protect Document
Click Forms

You can put a password or not and click OK.  If you put a password, you need to remember it to edit etc.


Sorry, I couldn't reach the EE site for a while. Following your instructions, what happens if no password is given? And can anyone undo the document protection (if no password is given)?

Most important though is - Are the text that describe the form uneditable if I follow your instructions or are the form elements the only ones that are not editable. Because if only the form fields are uneditable, then the users can still change the layout of the other parts of the document, which my professor does not want. Thanks so far.

Actually, you should be using the Forms toolbar.  There is a lock feature on it that is very easy to toggle on and off and should be your best bet for success.  If you need further help, email me at Nickm@shelbygirl.com


your answer is not thorough and satisfactory, nmattern.


I found a more detailed solution to my question elsewhere on the EE site but I don't remember the exact url. However, your answer is exactly the same as that solution I found, so u get the points.

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