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Limit concurrent logons

beacom asked
Is there any way to limit a user from logging on more than once in Windows 2000?
Novell has had this for years!!
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       ****From Windows 2000 Resouce Help Kit****

Cconnect.exe: Con-Current Connection Limiter
This tool provides a method of tracking concurrent connections of users and monitoring what computers users are logged on to a network. It consists of two components, a client and an administrator.

Con-Current Connection Limiter:

  a.. is completely hidden from the end user's view.
  b.. keeps track of all computers that users are logged onto.
  c.. tracks last known user of the computer.
  d.. monitors what logon server users are logging into.
  e.. allows concurrent connection limitations to be set on a per-user or
per-group basis.
  f.. stores all information in a Microsoft? SQL ServerT database assigned
by the Administrator.
These tools require:

  a.. Microsoft? Windows? 2000
  - Or -

  b.. Microsoft? Windows NT? version 4.0 with:
    a.. Service Pack 4 or higher
    b.. Windows Script Host
    c.. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
    d.. MDAC version 2 or higher
  a.. SQL Server 6.5 or higher
Before running the VBS files, CConnect Client must be run successfully at least once to properly set up the database. Otherwise the VBS scripts will fail.

Files Required

Con-Current Connection Limiter is not installed by the Windows 2000 Resource Kit setup program. The files required for this tool are located on the
Apps\Cconnect\ folder of the Resource Kit companion CD.

Before using CConnect Client or CConnect Administrator, you must first install them using the installation programs (Setup.exe) located in the
Apps\Cconnect\Client and Apps\Cconnect\Admin folders.


Great cut and paste job from the resource kit help!!

Thanks for the help. Now can you answer this question?


I'll look at that question :)
Thanx Beacom - but I'll bet housenet or dew boy got the answer to you first since I arrived home late ;)
From: Stardotstar
Date: 07/16/2002 03:01PM PST
Answer Grade: A Points: 50
Whats the latest service pak for win 2000?  

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Comment from shekerra  07/16/2002 03:27PM PST  
Wow are you kind> thanks stardotstar> I am adding you to my 'neat list' > this is the best thing that has happened at EE all month!  
Accepted Answer from shekerra  07/16/2002 03:29PM PST  
That would be SP2 :)  
Comment from Stardotstar  07/16/2002 04:13PM PST  
No thank you!  

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