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Printserver problem - Novell

Perre_C asked
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Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I'm havin a problem with a HP Laserjet 4 plus with build in printserver.  For some reason i can't print anymore on this machine.  The printer, printserver and printqueue are defined in NWadmin and all are linked or routed to each other.  If I look for the details on a printjob in NWadmin, it tells me that the "Print job is ready and waiting for the print server".  I must tell i'm quite new with these configurations.  For eg where in NWadmin do i have to put in the printserver's networkadress or hardware adress.?
In HP's JetAdmin I can send a test page to the printer and that is the only way, at the moment, to get a page out of the machine.

If somebody has a clue...

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Have you stopped and restarted the printserver?


 Well the printserver is build in, by putting off the power you also reset the printserver.  

  I just tried with removing all of the printer settings in NWAdmin.  I rebuild the database in HP JetAdmin and from there i tried to create a new printserver and printqueue in NWAdmin.  I managed to do this but the connection with the printer still ain't succesfull.  For exemple, in HP JetAdmin, you have a 'Diagnostics' tab,  in this field, for the printers that work, I have an object in the diagnostics tree, called 'Netware'.  For the HP 4 plus there still isn't a Netware object.

I believe you must create the print server object by assigning the queue using JetAdmin..not by creating it in nwadmin. only create the print queue using NWadmin and nothing else. Then go into Jetadmin and assign the queue.

Once the print server has been set up and assigned the queue, it will appear in NWadmin with a crazy random name.

Not sure, but this sounds familiar and I think that's how I solved it.

You can create your objects in NW Admin. Then you need to use Jetadmin to assign the printer to the queue you created.