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Updating an open Subform with VBA

Sdeam asked
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Last Modified: 2008-02-26
 I have a rather complex form which details information about a job.  The form has a subform which has multiple line items on it.  However there is also another form which is linked to each line of the subform.  The form and table relationships are as follos

  Main --- 1 to many --- Sub --- 1 to many --- details

    Sub s1
         Detail d1

  The detail form is simply a checklist of information with two fields ItemName (text) and Finished(checkbox).  The information on the detail form is sequential in the order that it will occur/ be checked off.  

  What I want to do is to update the line item that is on the subform related to the detail form.  When an item on the detail form is checked off I want a field on the subform to update to show the next item on the checklist.  
   What I have tried to do so far is to open a recordset to the correct information that would be shown in the subform, change the information in the recordset, and then requery the suform.  When I do this I get a message saying that I need to save the current field.  I have tried inserting the command to save but it does not seem to make a difference.  If I update the recordset without trying to do a requery the information will be correct but not showing.  The field will update when I leave the current record butI will get a notice of a write conflict and be prompted to save.  I would like to be able to update the information on the subform and show the updated information immedietely when it changes.
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Hi Sdeam,

Did you try requering the subform after the UnCheck was made?

In the CheckBox's AfterUpdate Event, place code like the following:


Hope this helps,



 I have tried to do the requery but I get an error saying that I need to save the current field.
Hi Sdeam,

Make sure that you requery at the AfterUpdate event and not in the BeforeUpdate event...

Hi SBeam,

Any progress???


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