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USB Frame Grabber

slider115 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
Does anyone know how to capture still images from a video source connected to a usb port on demand?  

I am looking for the source of an activeX control that will do the job.

This is the product I am looking at as my usb connector:

I would also be interested in any other methods/ideas of grabbing frames from a video source without using some special frame grabbing PCI card.

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The best technology for video capture is DirectShow, which is a part of DirectX -- download the latest version (8) of the Microsoft DirectX SDK from Microsoft.

Briefly, DirectShow allows you to connect sources, like video cameras to renderers, like the screen, AVI files, ...
without special code for the particular camera/card.

DirectShow comes with VB documentation and a set of VB components.  You'll also find the source for samples.  There's also a discussion list (DirectXAV) which is active and monitored by the microsoft directshow developers.

It works with cameras that support either "Video For Windows" (16 bit or 32 bit) or "WDM streaming".  Almost all cameras/capture cards support one of these.  Certainly all of the cheap ones do.

Try the "graph edit" application which comes with the SDK.  It lets you build "filter graphs" with point + click.  Also check out the "sample grabber filter" for getting just one image.

A good overview of the windows video capture world is available at http://www.gdcl.co.uk/vidcap.htm



Thanks for the info!  I looked into it and it does seem promising.  I will not be tackling that challenge in the immediate future...so when I do, I have a great place to start.


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