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DNS, Nameservers and Virtual Hosting

nathan8 asked
This may be a simple question, but I imagine it has a complex solution.  I admit that I really don't know where to begin, but here it is...

I am running a server on a static IP.  For some time, I have been using a domain host that allows me to "point" the domain to another address.  I now changed services to a domain host that only has listings for name servers.  I don't know how to "point" to my computer.

I am running Linux and Apache.  In Apache I have several Virtual Host accounts set up.  These work using the old "Point to Address" method.  Can I make them work using nameservers?

How do I set up a nameserver on my machine?  Or, is that even what I want to do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Nathan,

The problem you have put forward is not very clear, but I shall put forward what I have understand from your query.

1. You had lot of Virtual hosts in Apache Conf file.
2. The Address to Domain or the reverse was happening from
   the router your Static IP machine contacts.
3. Now you have only Name Server Look ups so, the virtual
   Domains are unable to contact the actual Address.

If this is right than the way out for this

1. configure the File: /etc/resolv.conf
   Add the following lines and try.
   nameserver address(of your ISP's Name server)
2. In linuxconf set the host name search path option to

This is let you work without installing a Name Server on your System.




Thank you very much.  As soon as I added the IP addresses of my Domain's nameservers to the resolv.conf file, everything worked fine.  A terrific answer, and very timely!

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