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Sharing access to hard drives on a peer to peer network

hardin asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Home network, 4 computers, all W2K Pro.  To give access to a drive's entire contents I have to permit sharing for every folder in the root directory.  

When sharing is turned on for the root directory, theonly folders that show up on other computers are printers and scheduled tasks.

Is there a way to activate sharing for a disk's entire contents with one setting, rather than going through the process for every folder in the root.  Thanks.
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In Windows Explorer select your Hardrive. You will see that it is already shared as C$. This is an "invisible share". If you want to make it visible from all other systems you need to create a new Share (button on bottom of share window) give it a name and make sure that everyone can at least read it.

Hope this Helps

or you can just open up run, type in the computername and C$ and it'll pop up...


same thing with any other drives you have... they're called administrative shares...

or just map to them... few ways to do it.


Thank you lanos and ajprice, lanos answered first so seems fair to get points.  I apologize for not responding sooner- email notification did not work

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