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Extract data from several different webpages to populate cells in excel 2000 spreadsheet using VBA

franklee168 asked
I like to create a button in a spreadsheet that would extract data from internet webpages and populate cells in spreadsheet.  I want to automate the following steps:
1.  type in a URL in IE
2.  Save the source to a temp file
3.  run a "function" to extract data from the temp file and populate a specific cell in a specific excel file or a table in an access db.
4.  repeat steps 1 to 3 for all another 12 URLs.

I know enough to do step 3, but not how to incorporate 1 and 2 in the "function".

[Excel spreadsheet is not an absolute requirement.  Using Access is an acceptable substitute.]

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Include the Microsoft Internet Controls in your project reference.

Add Inet into your form (e.g. Inet1)

To get the source file of the URL.

Dim cSrc as string
Dim cURL as string
Dim nCnt as integer

'cSrc : Variable to store the source file of the URL page
'cURL : URL that you want to save
'nCnt : Loop Counter
nCnt = 1
While nCnt < 13
   if nCnt = 1 then
      cURL = "http://www.nba.com"
      cURL = "http://www.nfl.com"
   End If
   cSrc = FrmMain.Inet1.OpenURL(cURL)
   'Extract Data
   nCnt = nCnt + 1

The assumption made is that you are able to extract the data.  However, if you need help you can indicate here.

Hope this helps
Richie_SimonettiIT Operations

Richie_SimonettiIT Operations

Set a reference to microsoft Internet controls

dim withevents IE as internetexplorer

sub form_load()
set Ie = new Internetexplorer
with ie
     .navigate "about:blank"
     .visible = True
end with

sub Form_Unload
on error resume next
set ie = nothing
end sub

'in Documentcomplete event of ie

if (pdisp is ie) then
   dim i as integer
   i= freefile
   open "c:\" & ie.document.title for input as #i
        print #i, ie.document.documentelement.innerhtml
   close #i

end if

If you need more help, just ask.
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