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YamSeng asked
If I have 3 variables to scan in and the format goes like this

int char[] int
or "number word number" separated by 0 or more white space.

PS: The word in the middle must be alphabets

How can I scan them into the respective variables?  I've thought of using a for loop to scan each character by character for the word in the middle, but I feel it's so inefficient.  Is there a better way to do it?

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This code will do:

    int x,y;
    char str[100];
    scanf( "%d %100s %d" , &x, str,&y );

As you can see, a string can be read from the standard input using the %s formatting string. You can add a number between the percent sign and the 's' character to indicate the maximum allowed number of characters. Make this number equal to the buffer string you are using to save the string into so that the user won't be able to enter a too long value causing a buffer overflow.


No.  This didn't work.

If the string entered is say

x will be "1"
str will be "+2"
and y will not be assigned any value.

I need it to work with 0 or more whitespace between the numbers and alphabets.


I found the answer instead now.

char * str[100];
char alphabetBuf[100];
char alphabet[100];
int num1 = 0, num2 = 0;

str = "1+2";

sscanf(str, "%d%[^0-9]%d", &num1, alphabetBuf, &num2);
sscanf(alphabetBuf, "%s", alphabet); //to remove whitespace

This works if the string is
"1    +    2"

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