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Assress book name lookup

clutcher3 asked
Suppose you have a person in the NAB that is an id used by more than one person.

So the surname of that person is "Sales" and the name is "Greene Carter Ross Benton" :-)

A part form using other methods such as a mail-in db, supposing I wish to use this ugly method, my simple problem is this:

When I write a mail, the to field has the lookup function:
if I write "sale" lookup it's ok, if I write "greene" it's ok, if I write "carter" or any other is not.

Any workaround?


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Whatever is shown in shortname field will be lookedup, so input those names which is used mostly for easier lookup in shortname field.



The italian NG gave me an acceptable solution: lookupable fields have to be written one for row (a thing that I didn't know).


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