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MSAcess in Linux

rprp1234 asked
Is it possible to have an MS-Access in a linux Red Hat server.

pls reply
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That depends on what you mean by "have an MS-Access."

MicroSoft Access is a Windows-only program.  In order to run it under Linux you will have to either use emulators such as Win4Lin or VMWare, or you can try to run it with a free product known as WINE.

From personal experience, Win4Lin or VMWare *will* work.  Win4Lin works by faking out Windows into believing that it is on its own computer.  I use it because it is much faster than VMWare (and cheaper).  VMWare emulates an entire machine (not just the parts Windows cares about) and is therefore a little slower, but it will run Windows software flawlessly.

WINE works a little differently.  the WINE programmers are trying to replace the Windows APIs one at a time and are doing quite a good job of it.  Some programs (and games) work perfectly under WINE, but a lot of MicroSoft-based software (Office, Internet Explorer, etc.) don't work well or not at all.

Now, if you want the FUNCTIONALITY of Access (especially forms and so on) under Linux, try ReKall from thekompany.com.
I think what rprp1234 really wants to know is if he can serve an Access MBD file from a Linux server. He can by using Samba to provide network shares to his Windows machines which are running Access.

Works great...

Yes; lewisg is correct; you can have your mbd files on a samba share somewhere and it works great; we serve up hundred-mb mbd files without issue.

There is another option that we're moving towards: installing PostgreSQL (www.postgresql.org) and then the Postgres ODBC driver on Access; you get the best of both worlds with this -- you are storing your data in a fast, popular and supported ACID-compliant database and you can get all the fun stuff that Access provides in a familiar interface.
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