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Dualbooting Win2000 and Win95 when C: has NTFS

red_2 asked
I have Windows 2000 installed on C: with NTFS. I have another disk (D:) which contains Windows 95. Windows 95 was installed when the harddisk was C: in another machine, so the NTFS disk should be invisble when booting win95. I can make it work if I select the Win95 disk as boot device in the bios, but that is rather cumbersome. What I would like is a simple boot menu.

I've seen this done before, so I know it's possible, but maybe not without some third party boot loaders.

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You may go to the root of your C drive, there is a system hidden file boot.ini
If you cannot find it, under MS-DOS prompt or under Command Prompt of Windows 2000,
At the root of C drive,
C:\>attrib -h -r -s *.*        <hit enter>
You can find it now.

Use text editor or notepad to open it.
Under the line of

Change as following and save the file.
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect
D:\="Microsoft Windows"

It is now booting up using Win95 as default booting OS.

See if that helps.

Patricia / pslh
Top Expert 2007
pslh has the right idea, but if you do not have the bootsect.dos file, this may not work.
Other options.

1) Swap the drives so that the win95 is C:.
DO a repair install of NT onto D:, and it should create the correct boot menu.
Make sure you are backed up first !!

ALso  third party boot managers may help.

Free  GAG graphical up to 9 partitions

 You can get this os loader shareware for free which is called OSL2000. Get it from


Free utilities. backup partiton table and change active partition. Delete partition table

Ranish partition manager.
FIPS - this is a freeware program, which can split large FAT partitions
   Partition resizer - this is also a freeware program. It can resize and move FAT16/32 partitions     http://members.xoom.com/Zeleps/

I hope this helps !

Red, if you have your system setup as you say, and boot to the respective operating systems by changing the boot drives in the BIOS setup, you won't find a BOOT.INI file in your root directory on Windows 2000 as Windows isn't aware of the other OS and therefore hasn't installed the boot loader files.

You can do as Sysexpert suggests, and change the order of the install, however this comes with its own risks if your not careful. I would suggest a third party boot menu such as the boot manager from Powerquest.com.



pslh's suggestion didn't work, so I installed GAG. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks.
Red_2, Thanks for your feedbacks!  Much appreciated.   ;)    
Patricia / pslh  

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