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SpeedStream 5250 SDSL modem config utility?

tzanger asked
I am looking for the configuration utility for these modems.  Some online documentation mentions a 5250dnld.exe program and that is the one I'm looking for.

Alternatively, I would like the format of the en5250.cfg file (it's a whole 28 bytes) which is used by upd5250.exe.

The correct answer will provide a working link to a 100% functional copy of the 5250dnld.exe program, and/or a detailled document about the format of the en5250.cfg file.

These modems do NOT have a telnet interface.  These modems do NOT have a hidden serial port (at least none that I can find and I am no newbie to reverse engineering hardware).  These modems are SDSL and *should* work back to back with the right configuration.  That is what I'm trying to accomplish.

Yes, I know there are other SDSL modems which don't require this level of tinkering, but I am not interested in that.  Please craft your answers carefully.  The more technical knowledge there is, the happier I'll be (and the higher you'll rate).

Thank you,
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patch575IT Systems Admin




While that link is useful, I've already found it (unless you're doing some really wild search queries, I've already been there and done that) and it doesn't help all that much.  

That link contains the upd5250.exe program but unfortunately does not detail the en5250.cfg file.

I've been able to partially reverse-engineer the file and can change the VPI/VCI but that's it.

Similarly, their "API" isn't documented, which might have also been useful.  That requires finding the 5250DownloadApi.doc file IIRC.  

I still don't get what you are trying to do.  Do you have DSL service and wish to set it to run on two seperate systems independently?  I believe others here were trying to get something for nothing using the configuration utilites for other devices.  They were asked not to post any further questions relating to TOS and piracy.  http://support.efficient.com/docs/pdf/5250ins.pdf



These are SDSL modems.  They should run back-to-back (i.e. buy dry copper from the telco, put these modems at either end and get a link.)  I've done this with several other SDSL modems and there are a ton of the 5250s out on ebay for dirt cheap so I'm trying to do the same with them.

This isn't against an ISP's Terms of Service, and it isn't priacy.  I bought the modems off of ebay legally and I own all the equipment.  All I'm trying to do is set up a point-to-point link between two physical locations with these modems.  If they're SDSL, it should be possible.  I'm just looking for an application which was already released but then retracted, or documentation on the configuration file format.

As the technical contact for a dialup and a high-speed ISP, I find it hard to believe that it's possible to
"get more than you paid for" by adjusting settings on the CPE side.  That would indicate bad network design.
I was looking to have you clarify what you were trying to do.  You are right, if designed properly you should not be able to get something for nothing.  People try all sorts of stuff to reprogram their hardware or to do something that would perhaps bypass some limiting factor of hardware all the time.
     Am I correct to assume that you are just using these for remote networking purposes?  I am sorry I offended you.  Many people come here in hopes that we can help them configure something they shouldn't be doing.  I am glad to see you are more respectable than that.



Yes you're right that this is intended for remote networking.  I set up these types of SDSL links all the time, I'm just looking to try it with this plethora of cheap 5250s on Ebay now, that's all.

More than a year have passed and I'm interested did you have any success? I couldn't find your e-mail, so please e-mail me at acid@*interlan*.ru, I have few questions.
May I ask that you do one of three things.

1.  If you still have a problem let us know and give us some more details.  

2.  If you feel someone helped you, accept their answer.  If you feel that more than one person helped you, then you can split the answer.

3.  If you feel that you were not helped, then you can post a 0 point question in Community Support and ask that this be deleted.  It also be polite to advise us why its being deleted.

If we don't hear from you in a reasonable period of time, I will request that an EE Moderator


Please do not accept this comment as an answer.

Thanks again

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