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Shine Effect

armor_king asked
How can I add a shining star effect in Photoshop? Here is an example of what I'm talking about:


(The stars on the C and T)

I am using version 6.0.1.
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Look carefully at the way its constructed. Its a + with faded out ends, and a fuzzy airbrush tapped a few times in the middle. Very simple. Once youve created it in black you can make it into a custom brush and apply it that way or just recreate it over and over OR copy and paste it around.
Actually, version 6 has the brush you are looking for included with it.  Select the airbrush tool and click on the down arrow next to the brush selection in the brush menu at the top.  This will display the brush selection palette.  From there, click on the small circled arrow to display another menu with "Load Brushes" as one of its choices.  Load the Assorted Brushes from the Brushes folder, it has the "starburst" brush you are looking for.

HTH :)

AvocadoIsle :) there cant be ant better answer .

Cheers Armour_king


Thanks AvocadoIsle, good answer.

P.S.  Is there a way to change the brush sizes on these new brushes to make some stars larger than others?


IT is Quite possible.

Just create a star in a new layer. Imean to say using the brush make a new star  in a different layer. then u always can resize the layer by Ctrl T or Edit>free transform.

There is an Option to custom ur Brush Size. i wouldnt suggest u this as ur stars are always not of the same size. Right??



Hi jayyu2k,

I don't think there is a way to edit these special star-shaped brushes, but anyone correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, the free transforming does work.

There isnt a way to edit those brushes unless you paint with the brush on a clear canvas, edit it, and then create a new brush from it. Which is why i suggested doing it from scratch. Then you get what you want and arent locked into Photoshops built in brushes.

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