Urgent::Print PDF File using InternetExplorer

Hi Group,

I am new to this group.
I am developing Vb application in that user can import
huge amount of "PDF" files. I want to give solution to
print "PDF" Files without interaction of user.
Just user select condition and let 10 pdf selected in
that criteria then these 10 files should be print
without any user interation .
I use internetexplorer to print HTML files and  pdf files
in visual basic.Create internetexplorer object and then use its "EXECWB" method for invoke its Print method.It is always prompting Print dialog.Which I don't want.Is there any method to get rid of Print dialog.

This is code:

********************start the
Dim Ie1 as Object
Set Ie1 = Nothing
'creating object of internetexplorer
Set Ie1 = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
'hiding it because don't want to show user
Ie1.Visible = False
'navigating the PDF File
Ie1.Navigate Filename
'Apply this loop to ready the internetexplorer to
receive print command
Do While Ie1.QueryStatusWB(OLECMDID_PRINT) <>
'do windows stuff
For intCount = 1 To 15000
'Calling the print method with options do not prompt
to user for selection of printer from print dialog
'because pdf document take time to load so for fullly
load use to sleep
Sleep 30000
'quiting from internet explorer
Set Ie1 = Nothing
*************end of code*******************

Is anyone knows about it?
Or any alternate solution for this Problem.


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Well you might already know this... I think the problem might be reading the pdf format.

Dim HWidth, HHeight, I, Msg   ' Declare variables.
   Msg = "This is printed on page"
   For I = 1 To 2   ' Set up two iterations.
      HWidth = Printer.TextWidth(Msg) / 2   ' Get half width.
      HHeight = Printer.TextHeight(Msg) / 2  ' Get half height.
      Printer.CurrentX = Printer.ScaleWidth / 2 - HWidth
      Printer.CurrentY = Printer.ScaleHeight / 2 - HHeight
      Printer.Print Msg & Printer.Page & "."   ' Print.
      Printer.NewPage   ' Send new page.
   Next I

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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
Actualy you can read in the MSDN, that Microsoft restricted this option (in Ver IE5 , from security reasons.
insted you can use the Adobe ActiveX Control (pdf.ocx).
Use the src property to Load, and the PrintAll property to print without prompting user.
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Richie_SimonettiIT OperationsCommented:
well, so many time since i saw this question for the last time.
Well, texn, i am not answer your q nor do a support to the site since they limited my access to it since i not answer Qs for a long time (it doesn´t matter HOW MUCH time you already spent answer here in the past!!!)
Suerely, it would be an on line "pdf  creator" at internet that we could call with some lines of code.
Anyway, if ypu have pdf creator installed (which is GNU so it could be installed in any computer) you could print the document as long as PDF creator is the default printer on target system.
Hope it helps
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