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Installing ISA NE2000 card in XP

CharlesSHill asked
The XP install CD does not seem to have the network
drivers that NT had. After a fresh install I can only
see Microsoft Loopback network driver.

How can I install a NE2000 compatable ISA network card in XP.

Where can I download a suitable driver?
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Sorry to inform you that WinXP does not support any ISA non Plug and Play devices.

Moreover, WinXP has an feature of "Remote Assistance" that needs a network card supporting PXE.

NE2000 ISA non Plug and Play network adapter is not supported by WinXP.

It is suggested to buy/use another more advanced 32bit PnP network adapter with PXE support feature.

Here, for your Info as references that you may find WinXP does not support ISA non PnP devices.

How the Remote Installation Boot Disk Works

ISA Non-Plug and Play Sound Cards Are Not Detected

Patricia / pslh

It is nice to know that you have picked your choice.  ;o)

Patricia / pslh

I'm a fresh here...

For NE2000 compatible cards (most ISA can be switched to this mode):
* take windows 2000 installation CD
* copy netnovel.in_ and netcfgx.dl_ to your HD.
* expand the files
    * expand netnovel.in_ netnovel.inf
    * expand netcfgx.dl_ netcfgx.dll
* Install NIC using netnovel.inf

Works for me (UMC BNC NIC in non-PNP mode)

Detailed solution to this problem here: