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Configure Exchange 5.5 inside an ISA firewall

gids_w asked
I have an ISA server with two NIC's one external one internal, the latter passes internet requests to the other and visa versa, no rocket science there. My problem is that my Exchange 5.5 server does not send/recieve mail from withinside the firewall, and I,m sure it is an ISA protocol rule, or something simple like that, I am having difficulty finding any information  with regards protocols/rules than need to be enabled. My exchange server sends and recieves using "Message Delivery" type "Forward all messages to host".
Any pointers or ideas would be much appreciated.
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Can you telnet from the Exchange Server to port 25 on the smart host that you are using to forward mail?  The default on ISA is to allow all internal clients open access to external sites and services.  You may be having a reverse lookup problem.  Are you using the ISA firewall client or a secure NAT configuration?


Since the answer is the same for ISA Server as for the (old) MS Proxy 2.0, the URL is always the same:


have fun
This is simple to configure, well it is after you have visited the tutorial section in www.isaserver.org

In short, and from memory,
On the exchange server set it up as a secure nat client,
configure with and ip, subnet mask, default gateway (internal interface of the isa server), and DNS.
Test using telnet/ ie to confirm outging traffic is configured correctly

Now go through the Mail publishing wizard on the isa server and publis the box

But go look at the tutorial

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