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SSH Tunneling and Terminal Services

marko020397 asked
I use SSH to connect to machine in another intranet. Then I use tunneling to tunnel port 3389 to that machine. When this is done I can run Terminal Services Client and connect to localhost. SSH tunneling tunnels the port 3389 and I can connect to a remote machine via that tunnel.

This works just fine in Windows 2000. Now I tried it in Windows XP but XP prevents me from connecting to localhost. Does anyone know how to do this in Windows XP?

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Moondancer - EE Moderator


I have found the solution mysqlf it is the probme in terminal service client program. I have to use Terminal Services Client from Windows 2000. Any newer client won't connect to localhost.

Great news, Marko, thanks for adding the solution. I have refunded your points to you for this question and moved it to our PAQ (Previously Asked Questions) database so it can help others.
Thank you,
Moondancer - EE Moderator

Use the old Terminal Services Client from W2k

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