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100 or not 100

reido2 asked
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Last Modified: 2007-02-12
Hi there

We have the capability for everyone in our organisation to have 100mbps to the desktop. Is this the ideal scenario or should we stick at 10full duplex. All our servers are on 100 but the users on 10.

Heres the scenario
we have around 7 HP Procurve 2424M switches installed in our organisation. They are all linked via a gigabit stacking. There are around 110 or so devices linked into the switches.

Just looking for some simple advice

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If the users are at 10, are they capable of going to 100 without a hardware switch?

We went from 10 to 100 and the network runs much smoother and no complaints from the users.


We run our network on Cisco 35xx switches with isl trunks on the gig ports.. everything is pretty smooth..

Like gibson said, if you have old hardware on the network you better check if they support 100 or only 10.

The only thing that bothers me from hp is the auto-negociate on some models (especially the non manageable ones). If you have users hard coded to 100 full, auto ports will often get stuck at 100 half.

Another possible related problem is firewall congestion in our case. We have lots of bandwidth hungry users who would just love to download everything instantly.. the corporate firewall is starting to choke on the traffic..

just my 2 cents :)

Absolutely!   Move to 100 ASAP!   You may have to replace some NIC's, but its worth it!  Make sure you also have at least category 5 cables installed as well, or your 100 won't work properly.


As a follow up to another post of mine (pausing during multi-user gaming) - my pausing problems started creeping back (within a couple of days) and eventually became worse than ever!  
Now I REALLY have a solution... I chucked the 10 baseT hub and went out and bought a LinkSys router w/4 100 etherfast switched LAN ports.  Now the network just SCREAMS!  I've been running it for the last couple of weeks and have been playing local network games and internet games over my cable connection with NO pauses or slowdowns.  Either my hub was getting saturated OR one or more of the 10baseT cards was having some negotiating problems (maybe half duplex/full duplex problems?).  
As a side benefit, my boys and I noticed that all of the machines are playing better (faster/smoother fps) even in single player modes!

My advice - get a 100 switch for a local LAN and avoid those hubs!

patch575IT Systems Admin

If the printers have a jetdirect card and you are running a novell network, make sure you set the frame type on the jetdirect(ie 802.2, 802.3).
Yes I thnk its better if u move to 100 mbps , but i would recommend u take up a few machines first switch it to 100 mb and then wait for a few days to see if everything is smooth and later move the rest . It would improve ur performance and at the same time would help u to isolate problem if it occurs. Good Luck


Hi there, if you don't mind I will leave the question open for others to get a chance at answering

thanks shoeb
Are you seeing any traffic bottlenecks that require you to go to a faster speed at the desktop? In all honesty, users will not see a dramatic difference. Because of the limitation of the PCI bus, most PCs won't run at 100FDX or even 100HDX. You may see a burst increase, saving the users a couple of seconds, but not on the order of magnitudes.

On the flip side of getting speed at the desktop, there is the known problem of duplex negotiation not working in 100mb networks. You will need to manually configure all of the switch ports and all of the PCs to run at 100 full duplex. If you don't mind the administrative headache, then go for it.
bsadlick, thats true, autonegotiation does not work all the times well, its better to sset it manually


sound advice,

and true as that explains some of these mis alignment messages we are seeing due to the duplex misconfiguration.


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