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Out of memory running a win32 App in Me.

nigel5 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Sorry if this Me Question is out of place in the win2k section, but there isn't an Me specific topic in the operating systems section.

I just bought a new P4 2Ghz with 256Mb of ram, and instead of trashing the OS, I thought I'd give it a go. I tried to install a couple of Apps, noticable AVG (antivirus software) and Office 2k. in both cases the install process obviously tries to run something in the win32 environment, but the memory settings are 'not adequate'. I have since added another half gig, not that I expected it to work, but cuz I was gonna anyhow.

Where do I set the memory allocation for the win32 subsystem or how do I stop this error from occuring and have these products installing properly.

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Contrary to what the MS marketing hype tries to fool you with, Windows ME is really just Win98 + some patches and other junk.  So it's still subject to the serious memory and resource limitations common to DOS, Win3.1, Win95, and Win98.  What you are seeing is NOT true memory limitations but rather lack of available RESOURCES.  Resources are Windows "things" (i.e. bitmaps, menus, windows, buttons, fonts, etc...) that suck up memory from a VERY LIMITED amount available for this purpose in all Win9x operatins systems.  The limit is 64K (not M, but K) for all of these things.  When they are exhausted, you get the error message and/or strange application behavior.

Windows NT/2000/XP are not based on DOS as Win9x is and none of these suffer from this limitation.  You have a virtually unlimited amount of resources space with NT/2000/XP.

If you can, upgrade to Win2000.


Right, I have upgraded to Win2K and all seems well. apart from the question I have asked regarding the Ultra ATA stuff I asked elsewhere.


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