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access data of the second layer in a form (Netscape)

perevicente asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18


I would appreciate some help for the next question:

I have a form with two layers.

In IE there is not problem but in Netscape I can't access to the second layer.
(In JavaScript I have a function for refresh the second layer):

function load( layer, src ) {
     var object;
     if ( NN4 ) {
          object = eval( 'document.layers[\''+ layer +'\']');
          object.src = src;
     else if ( IE4 ) {
          object = eval( 'document.frames["' + layer + '"].document' );
          object.location = src;

<Frame name="a">....
<Frame name"b">....

<Layer name="a">.....
<Layer name="b">....

How can I access to the second layer?
I have readen that in Netscape only is possible have one layer per form!!!!


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FAQ about src in layer fron netscape dev connection,

What kind of files can be the targets of a LAYER tag's SRC attribute?

A LAYER tag's SRC attribute specifies an external file which is displayed as the content of the layer. Currently, there are a few restrictions on the kind of file which can be specified. It's not yet possible to use an image or a page that contains frames as the SRC of a layer.

Are you using a framed html as a src ?



Thanks you gave the clue!!

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