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How to read data into Excel

tom_corc3 asked
I need to read an Excel spreadsheet (about which I know very little) into a Java application. Is there any cod e to do this? I would prefer not to use ODBC as I can't hard code the file name in advance - rather I would like to use a file chooser or type in a path in a text box.
Can I refer to the columns using their letters (column 'A', 'B' etc)?
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Software Engineer
I did a quick search on google on came up with a few libraries that can help you.

extenTech extenXLS .9 beta -> http://www.extentech.com/products/ExtenXLS/docs/
Actuate Formula One for Java 9.0 -> http://www.f1j.com/home/default.jsp


IBM's alphaworks has some beans to enable you to work with Excel in Java - try the ExcelAccessor bean suite.  Check out http://www-124.ibm.com/developerworks/oss/excel/index.html  Source code is available from IBM

Also have a look in all the Java to COM bridging components. There is one from IBM (found also in AlphaWorks) and there is also JIntegra from www.linar.com, which is quite good (but cost $$) and has a demo of connecting to excel.

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