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Latex to Text for Windows

daluu asked
Anybody know of a good way or program that can convert Latex files to a "Windows" text format such as .txt, Word documents, Rich Text format (.rtf), etc.? A near perfect conversion of text with formatting (and no extra code/characters) is required. Linux/Unix methods/programs ok, but Windows methods/programs preferred.
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Quid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
Try this link and scroll down to the Latex section


Good variety of apps to convert Latex to whatever you like.


Thanks for the helpful links, dbrunton. However, I've tried several latex conversion programs converting to HTML, RTF, PDF, txt but to no true success. Maybe I might have better luck with QuarkExpress and Pagemaker since Latex was a desktop publishing type app. Too bad Latex is/has no open source format that is interoperable between applications and OSes such as RTF. PS is good but that's for printers and not for the screen. Nevertheless, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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