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how to make something.h

ekohartono asked
May be some body can tell me where in the web that  I can find a complete bank something.h (In C for #include *****.h) And a explaination for every function in it.
AND how to make something.h

Thank YOu Very Much
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Not quite sure what you want. Do you want to find pre-written headers,  write some yourself or ...?


to Mr Grailman
In c/c++ programming first text you write is
#include stdio.h ,conio.h,math.h,windows.h

I still do not understand what you want? Are you trying to find stdio.h, conio.h, math.h etc. and a listing of the functions in that file?


To Mr Grailman

YEs I trying to find listing function whole ****.h
And I need to know how to make it myself..

I hope you understand

Thank YOu

You're talking about two different things then.

The header files for the standard library (any header files for that matter) are just text files which let your program know (compile) how a particular function is to be used. Stdio.h has:

      int puts(const char *);

in it indicating the function takes a const pointer of type char and returns an int type. If you change the stdio header file to have this:

      int puts(const char);

it may compile in your code (if your code uses puts() and gives it a char rather than a char pointer) but it will not link because the binary file which was compiled for the stdio header file requires the pointer, not the char.

Now you can write your own header and source files all you want. If I write a header file like:

      #include "stdio.h"
      int puts(char ch);

Then just write a source file for the implementation of the header.

I would suggest checking out one of the MANY online tutorials to learn more about C/C++ programming.


Thank You Mr.Grailman

BUT my question is where (in the web)i can find complete database about something.h and have explanation about every something.h
In your first post you asked how to find a description of something .h and how to make something.h.

As to the second part of your question:

1)   Open notepad or any text editor
2)   Write a function description
3)   Save the file as something.h

This creates a header file.

As to the first part of your question, I doubt there is a website which has a description of every function/method and variable in every commonly used header. This would be of very little use. You do not look at what is available and then decide what you want to do with it, you decide what you want to do and then find what is available to accomplish this.

It sounds like you are just learning the language. The compiler you use may have help files which give you a description of standard functions (again determine first determining what you want to do, open a file, write to the screen, monitor the keyborad for input). I would suggest using an online tutorial which can be found on any search engine:


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