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printer problem

darkblue asked
my printer prints a wear characters, what can i do?
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Sorry, don't quite understand your question there. Should it be?

"My printer prints out weird characters, what can I do?"

Most likely problem causing this is a bad printer cable connection, take each end off, give them a swab with rubbing alcohol or better still contact cleaner, then reseat them fully and tighten up the screws tight. If that doesn't fix it, other possibilities are...

*Corrupted software driver or wrong driver.
   +reinstall driver
*Printer overheating. Especially if it works fine after being freshly turned on after a half hour of rest, but later starts misbehaving.
   +Check all/any vents are free of dust and unobstructed, if a laser that that fan is functioning and has "breathing room".
*PC writing garbage to the printers buffer at reboot or due to software.
   +Power on the printer *after* the PC has booted into windows.
*Printer requires bi-directional cable or port, standard port or cable in use
   +Change cable and/or port setting in CMOS setup and/or device manager.
*Printer has accidentally been changed from default settings.
   +See printer manual for button combo required to restore default settings.
*Power management enabled on PC but not on Printer.
   +If printer not capable of power management garbage may end up in print buffer, cease using suspend mode on PC or enable power management on Printer
*Power management on Printer faulty.
   +  Some printers just don't like being powered down it seems. Just turn it off when you're not using it instead.


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When ever I have this problem, it's normally an inccorect driver.  Check your driver to be sure it's the correct one.  If that isn't the problem, perhapse the cable or the printer port itself.  Also some printers have a port to and from the computer and one to another piece of equipment, like a scanner forinstance.  Be sure that you have the cable correctly plugged into the right port, if you have two ports on the printer.  What kind of printer is it anyways...would like to know.

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