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Flash bitmap to vector image

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Last Modified: 2013-11-18
I've created a sizeable bitmap image with Adobe photoshop and want to use it a Flash page.  When flash converts a bitmap to a vector image it makes the flash filesize much larger.  I want to avoid a long download time, so does anybody know any software or plugin that Adobe, Macromedia or anyone has created to help with this?  
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When you create a vector image from a raster image (a process that is FAR from perfect) you are creating lots and lots of tiny vector patches. Each vector patch takes up more space than the raster equivalent because of the way such a shape is described. That's why vector images are smaller when they contain large areas of color. Imagine the extremes. An RGB raster image describes each pixel with an RGB color and a coordinate. Something like "433x355,R:10,G:4,B:244". A vector image would describe a square with 4 coordinates and a color. Something like 3x4,200x105,3x25,105x25,R:10,G:4,B:244. Obviously that vector description is longer so it takes up more disk space. The difference is that that single vector description line can cover a much larger area on a canvas. If you describe individual "pixels" with vectors youre going to have a larger file. You can get around that to a point by dropping the detail in the vectorization but in the process your picture quality is degraded significantly. There really isnt an easy way around it. No matter what fancy plugin you get you cant effeciently turn a raster image into a vector image.

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