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User migration (NT Domain server to w2k member server)

Ben Keyser
Ben Keyser asked
Hi guys,

Does anyone know of a tool to migrate users (RAS Users, mainly) from a windows NT PDC to windows 2000, but a member server? Any help will be appreciated.

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www.netiq.com makes a good impression. had not chance to use it myself yet. But one of my peers used it in an Exchange 5.5 to 2000 migration and said it`s worth the money.

I'm afraid both Netiq and the likewise Ms (free) ADMT focus solely on migrating a NT domain SAM to ADS.
What you seem to need is migrating a domain SAM to a W2K SAM, the local userdatabase for the member server.

I'm afraid this is quite an uncommon route to take. The best available seem simple resource kit utilities like ADDUSER (import) and something similar to export the NT users to ASCII. You might need both the NT and the W2K resource kits though...

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands
Ben KeyserOwner/Entrepreneur


The reason for this "uncommon" route, is that the RAS Server was also a domain server. The RAS server is now being seperated onto a W2k member server. All I need is the ability to extract the username, description, and password in a format that can be used to recreate them on the new W2K member (RAS) serevr. Hopes this make some sense?

The main problem will be the password i think. For username and additional information it may work if you install the ADSI on you nt system and try to extract the information via a VB Script. Then you will have a list wich you can format the way you need it. A VB Script might also be the best way to insert your users into win2k. This way you can also automate the way these accounts are set up, especially activiting remote access.

Information on ADSI:


Download ADSI:


Information on Scripting:


Hope this will help you

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